Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Cloudy, somewhat chilly but a very calm morning overall. Yesterday night they played some live music in my lobby, my sisters out of curiousity went down to have a look (and a listen)
Meanwhile I've convinced my mom to take us to the mall on boxing day, she hates the crowds, more like hates it for us and doesn't like all the shoulder bumping, I assured her that it would be fine and we'd just like to have a look around.
The last time I've been out on boxing day was when I was around 13, my grandma wanted to show us the boxing day experience and since then my mom (even though she's lived here in Canada all her life) vowed to never go shopping again on that day.

I'm thinking maybe I'll find something on sale, since this Eid we've planned not to go shopping on Eid as we usually do, it's unexpected yes, but I'd rather wait until the malls are in order again and it's only a short while until the spring stuff comes out.

My dad called yesterday, it was good to hear from him, hopefully he'll visit us very soon.

Mom has decided to make a turkey this Eid, and not the traditional kurdish one either, she says it's either that or a roast (a few Eids ago she made such a beautiful roast) - she'll check with her local halal butcher to see what he will have available to order.

Meanwhile I've been taking tons and tons of pictures with my camera, it's excellent and hopefully I'll get them all up on flickr as soon as time permits.

So I'm off... my sister and I have a lot of pre-Eid cleaning to do, as well as putting together some still boxed Ikea furniture.

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